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Kelly Clarkson is 32. 34-24-36. American singer. 

American Idol, Love Actually

Born in Fort Worth, TX. Grew up in Burleson.  Likes to perform barefoot. Was first American Idol winner; 2002. Initial album sold 250,000 copies in first week. 2 Grammy Awards for Pop Female Vocal for "Since U Been Gone" and her awarded Best Pop Album.

"The rumors are not helping me on the dating front! I prefer the boys. I'm extremely flattered when I do get hit on by girls, and I think it's hot, but I'm not into it. I like boys."

Michelle Wie: 'Jack Nicklaus Bent Over His Putts Too'


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Michelle Wie has been roundly questioned about her nearly perpendicular putting stance. Yet its not dissimilar to Jack Nicklaus' hunched over appearance. However, it does look like Wie's puts more strain on her back. 

At a press conference on Tuesday, Wie answered questions about her unorthodox putting style, in which she bends her back perpendicular to her legs when standing over her putt.

“I did it like about two years ago, year and a half ago now. … just something that I felt feel comfortable with,” Wie said. “I haven't had a plan to keep with it or not keep it. Just feels comfortable and I see the line better.”

Her putting style was not inspired by Jack Nicklaus, who in his prime bent over his putts to see the line, Wie said.

“I practice at the Bear's Club and there are pictures of Jack everywhere.,” Wie said. “I saw a picture of him like putting and I was like, Oh, he is actually pretty low as well. I don't feel that bad anymore.

Whatever. She is putting better than before, so she has that going for her. 

Which is nice. 


How Different Is Augusta National From The Members' Tees?


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A while back, we were asked if a legit 5-10 handicapper could break 90 or even 100 from Augusta National's Championship tees under tournament conditions. This latest post shows the typical Member's tees are almost 1,200-yards shorter.

So, what's the overall slope and rating of the course? Augusta National doesn't have official USGA ratings, but uses its own system established by co-founder Clifford Roberts instead (of course). However, that didn't stop Dean Knuth, the developer of the USGA's slope and rating system, from investigating. He determined before the 2010 Masters that from the tips, Augusta National had a course rating of 78.1 and a slope of 137.

It appears to be far better way to enjoy the course--especially with those incredibly slick greens. 


Rickie Fowler Pulling Some Serious G's In Stunt Plane


Rickie Fowler likes doing things fast. He's a darn good motorcross rider, has a quick swing and now, rides along in a stunt plane. Fowler looks right at home. 

Better Than Caffeine


Jaime -kingSweet -jamie -king -maxim -magazine -april

Jaime King is 35 today. 34-23-34. American actress/model/writer

Sin City, Pearl Harbor, White Chicks, Heart of Dixie

Was a top model at age 16. Recovering heroin addict who went sober after boyfriend died after overdosing. Ranked #23 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list. 

[on the huge wages models earn] "The hardest thing is when you go home and realize that you've grown 10 years in 2 days."


Tiger Woods Is The Most Popular Athlete In One State


Map 600


A new map from shows which athletes are the most popular by state via Google searches

LeBron James owns the south and east coast. Tiger Woods captured just one state--Vermont--for some reason. Would have loved to see this map back in 2008 after Woods captured the U.S. Open...

However, Tiger is the only athlete who doesn't play for a major sports team to make the list.


A Golf Company Qualifies As A 'Great Growth Stock'


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We're big fans of the ClubCorp properties. Apparently, Wall Street is as well. Zachs Equity Research says the company is up 30% since its IPO in September  and has room to grow further. 

This firm, which is in the Leisure & Recreational Services industry, saw EPS growth of 45.2% last year, and is looking great for this year too.

In fact, the current growth estimate for this year calls for earnings-per-share growth of 290.6%. Furthermore, the long-term growth rate is currently an impressive 137.0% suggesting pretty good prospects for the long haul.

And if this wasn’t enough, the stock has actually seen estimates rise over the past month for the current fiscal year by about 7.3%. Thanks to this rise in earnings estimates, MYCC has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) which further underscores the potential for outperformance in this company.



Elin Nordegren And Lindsey Vonn BFF?


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US Weekly reports that Tiger's ex Elin Nordegren and current squeeze Lindsey Vonn are now "best friends." 

One insider says that Nordegren, 34, originally wanted to get to know Vonn, 29, because she knew the Olympic gold medalist would be around her children a lot. (The Swedish model and her pro golfer ex-husband, 38, have two kids together, daughter Sam, 6, and son Charlie, 5.) 

"After meeting her, she found she actually liked her," the source says of Nordegren, who finalized her divorce from Woods in 2010, after it was famously revealed that he had cheated on her with over a dozen women.

"You'd think it would be weird, but Elin loves Lindsey and they talk all the time," the source tells Us. "Elin likes that Lindsey is a strong woman." 

The source adds that the whole group recently went on vacation together, and that the fellow blondes occasionally took off on their own to grab drinks together, while Woods stayed with the kids. "Lindsey is really good for Tiger. She's strong, opinionated, and keeps him in line," the source explains. "Elin found that they are very similar and have a lot in common. They laugh and talk like they have been girlfriends forever."

Hmmm. Not sure if that's a good thing for Woods. I can imagine him walking into the room and immediately the gals go silent. Awkward...

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Valerie Bertinelli
 turns 54 tomorrow. 36-24-36. Actress. 

One Day at a Time, Touched By An Angel. Only daughter of a General Motors executive. Married Eddie Van Halen in 1981--separated in 2001. She ranked #29 on Vh1's list of "100 Greatest Kid Stars". Spokesman for Jenny Craig weight loss programs. 

If you say you're fat, all of a sudden people like you!


Could Tiger's Absence Cost Golf Industry $15 Billion?!


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Maybe just a hint of Chicken Little "sky is falling" piece on fearing the golf industry could crater without Tiger Woods. While Woods is the biggest straw that stirs the golf drink, the sport has survived many a superstar fading into the sunset.

Will another upcoming star pick up the slack? Maybe not at a Woods-like magnitude, but string some major wins and be savvy with electronic media and who knows...

In the short-term, TV advertising rates for Tour events aren’t likely to change, since most of those deals are locked up in multi-year agreements. But over time, dwindling ratings have a domino effect, influencing more than advertising revenues. Spending tumbles across the industry. Tickets, merchandise, equipment, tee times, golf-related travel — no sector stands entirely immune.

According to Brad Adgate, senior vice president and director of research for Horizon Media, a New York-based media services company, the 25-30 percent ratings drop we’re accustomed to seeing at Tiger-free events threatens to translate into similar percentage losses across the board.

Adgate and other analysts say it’s impossible to a put a precise price tag on Tiger’s absence. But if we do the math and arrive at a ballpark number in a golf industry valued at around $68.8 billion, it pencils out at roughly $15 billion. Gulp!

But Rick Horrow, CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures and visiting expert on sports law and business at Harvard Law School, says the prospect of a golf world without him gives us cause to pay more attention. If a Tiger Crash is coming, maybe we should see it as a market correction.

“Life without Tiger can be effectively good for the industry,” Horrow says. “It gets promoters, sponsors and TV executives thinking more creatively, working to cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation for the inherent excitement, tradition and allure of golf.”


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