Cart Girl of the Month: September  2013

Cart Girls

Elena Williams

Bear Creek Golf Club

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

How long have you been a cart girl? Eight months

In 10 years you would like to be: Successful, married and possibly starting a family.

The most interesting fact about yourself: I have always expressed myself best through artwork, specifically portraits.

Favorite food: Sushi

If you had more time, you would: Volunteer at a big cat rescue center and clean my room more often.

The next risk you want to take is: Backpacking through Europe.

Favorite music: I don’t have a specific genre that I can call my favorite.  

Turn-ons: Gentlemen, manners, a great sense of humor, intelligence, a beautiful smile, kindness, confidence and family values.  

Turn-offs: Jealousy, arrogance, gossip, liars, bad hygiene, bad manners, obnoxiousness, ignorance, cry babies and haters.    

Fantasy person to date: Tom Hardy

What man’s age is too old to date? 35

The best way to impress you is: See turn-ons.

Interests: Art, wildlife, music, fashion, makeup and nail polish.

Biggest tip: A Benjamin

College: Tarrant County College

Worst pick-up line: “I forgot my number, can I borrow yours?”

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